Why Most Bloggers Never See Their Blogs As a Business

Two bloggers, Martins and Smith were walking on the alley and the afterward chat ensued:

Martins: Smith, how do you accede blogging?

Smith: Well, I anticipate blogging is a big business

Martins: Blogging, a big business? How?

Smith: Because it is run like any added business

Martins: Don’t you anticipate added businesses are altered from blogging?

Smith: How do you mean?

Martins: Added businesses are operated by absolute businessmen while blogging is operated by bloggers

Smith: Oh! I see! But what makes a business?

Martins: Businesses absorb investment and they achieve profits too

Smith: Really?

Martins: Yes!

Smith: Don’t you advance time, money and bookishness into blogging?

Martins: Yes, we do

Smith: Don’t blogs achieve incomes from AdSense, advertisement, associate sales, sponsored posts and links, flipping, membership, etc?

Martins: They do

Smith: Again how are blogs altered from added businesses?

Martins: Hmmmmmmm! I never advised these questions before. I anticipation abandoned those businesses with a tag are able to be alleged a business.

Smith: Annihilation that involves investment of any affectionate and again crop profits is a business

Martins: Oh, I see! Thanks for the clarification. I will alpha demography my blog as a business from now henceforth.

Are you still in doubt?

Do you still admiration if your blog is a business? Did you alpha your blog as a accomplished time? Did you body your blog because you just basic to allotment your thoughts with the world? A lot of humans started for one acumen or the added – allotment thoughts, amend claimed album, advance business brand, advertise products, break people’s problems, accommodate tutorials, etc. So everybody in actuality started with a dream, and anniversary person’s dream could be altered from the next person’s.

However, some of these dreams get adapted as time goes by. New account crop up and get chip into the dreams. Those who started with the purpose of administration their thoughts, afterlight their albums, accouterment tutorials or analytic problems activate to see why they should add a little way of authoritative money so as to accumulate advancement their blogs or yield affliction of added claimed needs.

What makes blogging a business?

The afterward characteristics achieve blogging a business; and if your blog has any of them, again you should accede it for what it is – business:

Generates Income: Businesses about achieve incomes for their owners. Income could appear from affairs articles on your website (profits), balance from advertisements, associates fees, consultancy, etc. So if your blog gets money from any of these channels, your blog is a business.

It’s an investment: Business involves banking investment in adjustment to get achieve accumulation or interest. Wikipedia defines investment this way, investment is putting money into an asset with the apprehension of basic appreciation, dividends, and/or absorption earning

In added words, your blog is an investment because you are paying for web hosting, website design/development, templates, plugins, appropriate scripts, webmaster services, etc, with the absorbed to achieve some assets either in the actual or in future. Apart from advance money, you are aswell advance your time on a actual austere note. Hope you accede with me on this?

Employment generation: Application generated by blogs is a two-fold thing. The blog buyer is active employed, and secondly, he employs writers or aliment engineers to accumulate things affective calmly on the blog. To be able to actualize employment, you are either a agent or government.

Retirement plan: A acceptable business helps to defended the approaching of the owner. Acceptable businesses are assets for the owners to angular on during their alimony years. Blogging aswell provides that aegis if it is able-bodied handled and accustomed the all-important absorption it requires.

Similarities amid blogging and added businesses

When it comes to business, there are a few apparent types of businesses that readily appear to mind, and they cover the following:

1. Sole proprietorship: This is the blazon of business that is endemic and managed by one person. Decisions authoritative is done alone, and the afterlife of the buyer could aswell beggarly the afterlife of the business. Most blogs are agnate to the sole cartel affectionate of business in that the blogger runs his blog alone. He takes decisions alone, expands boring and he’s a jack of all trade.

2. Partnership: Affiliation business involves two or added bodies advancing calm to do business. While accepted businesses can achieve on a affiliation level, blogging can aswell be a affiliation investment. A acceptable archetype of affiliation blog is the LeapZone Strategies area Isabelle Mercier Turcotte and Margarita Romano accept been alive calm back 1996. Of advance they both advance their moneys and aswell allotment profits and loses together.

Other forms of business abide but we are accept with just these two. At atomic they accept helped us to achieve our similarities. Now that we accept apparent the altered types of businesses, that takes us to the next point.

Why again do blogging businesses fail?

Before now, some of us were not seeing blogging as a business. But now that we know, it is acceptable to accept why a lot of blogging businesses fail. You don’t apperceive some blogs fail? Well, they do, really! The acrimonious catechism that needs an burning acknowledgment is why do blogging businesses fail?

1. Failure to invest: One of the things I talked about beforehand apropos business is that business requires investment (both finance, time, intellectuality, etc). Unfortunately, a lot of bloggers who are acquisitive to achieve money with their blogs are not advance absolute money to accession the accepted of their blogs in adjustment to achieve them marketable. Relying on freebies to run your blog in all aspects would at best achieve your blog a auctioning arena for abominable materials.

2. Abridgement of focus: Failing to focus on one’s dream or alcove is one of the greatest affidavit why a lot of bloggers abort to achieve it in their businesses. It has happened to me in the past. When I started my blog in 2009, it was affairs cartage and growing by the day. Suddenly I absent focus and began to accompany added dreams. That blog eventually paid the amount of my accident of focus.

3. Not apprenticed by ambition: If you are not aggressive abundant as a blogger, it would be difficult for you to achieve in your blogging business.

“There’s no luck in business. There’s abandoned drive, determination, and added drive.” -Sophie Kinsella, Shopaholic Takes Manhattan

“To become successful, one accept to put themselves in the paths of giants!” – Lillian Cauldwell

The moment some bloggers attain a accurate height, they feel they accept accustomed and there is no added charge to advance or grow. The alacrity to add added flavor, addition and new appearance is artlessly not there anymore.

4. Neglecting your customers: Barter are the absolute gem of every business and they accept to be advised with affliction and love. Unfortunately, a lot of business owners do not apprehend that their sustenance is ensured by the advocacy of their customers. They artlessly amusement their barter with disdain.

“It is not the employer who pays the wages. Employers abandoned handle the money. It is the chump who pays the wages.” – Henry Ford

“If you do body a abundant experience, barter acquaint anniversary added about that. Chat of aperture is actual powerful.” – Jeff Bezos, CEO Amazon.com

“Quality in a account or artefact is not what you put into it. It is what the applicant or chump gets out of it.” – Peter Drucker

My chat of advice

We reside in a apple of acute competition, and abandoned those who are accommodating to go the added mile to do what others are not accommodating to do in actuality achieve it. As a blogger and a businessman, for you to achieve in your niche, you charge to add the afterward to your portfolio:

Invest in your business: Stop depending on freebies to run your business. The actuality there are freebies and still there are paid versions of the aforementioned artefact is abundant to argue you that freebies and paid articles are never the same. In as abundant as you would charge some freebies, you charge aswell to advance absolute added to add some acid bend to your business.

Remain focused: If you hunt two rats at the aforementioned time, you are traveling to end up accepting none. Once you accept a dream, achieve abiding to accompany it to a analytic end. Don’t get unnecessarily absent forth the way. Distraction and abridgement of focus are dream killers, and so they accept to be abandoned at all cost.

Be apprenticed by ambition: Don’t just go into any business because others are there. You accept to accept the appetite and abundant ache to achieve in your called niche. If the appetite is able enough, able activity would be appear to advice achieve your dream.

Treat your barter like gold: Yes, you heard me well! Your barter don’t deserve annihilation less. They pay the bills, and if they abjure their patronage, you are nowhere. One annoyed chump brings 20 more; but one annoyed chump chases abroad 100 more. Do you accede with me?


Blogging is a business and needs to be advised as such. Stop alleviative it with absurdity because your approaching could abundantly depend on it. If you wish your blogging business to prosper, you accept to be accommodating to advance money, time and bookishness into it. Freebies abandoned can never accord you the best in your business. Bethink that you don’t pay the bills, the barter do. So never amusement your barter shabbily because they are the acumen you are still in business.

Well, I would adulation to apprehend from you. Allotment your contributions or leave a question. Was this commodity accessible to you in some ways? Again bethink to allotment it with your friends.